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Find your inner destiny digitally!

-- Ratings for Digimon Adventure and 02~

Digidestined Rating
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Have you ever thought what it would feel like to be in the Digital World, and it seemed impossible? Have you ever dreamt about having your very own digimon or wondered which character you would be? Has your pesky little brother stole your little tamagotchi and called it his digivice? Have you been compared to any of the digidestined? Are you as sporty as Tai? A lover of rock like Matt? A princess like Mimi? A loving tomboy like Sora? Well, it's about time for you to find out!

1. Be polite. People take time out of their day to read and vote on your application, so even if you don't agree with their opinion, please don't start a fight. Also be sure to vote on as many applications as you can; after all, you were in the same position as the new members were once. You can easily find new applicants by checking this tag.
2. Place "Stand up to the fight~!" in your subject line if you're applying for the standard theme; this also helps separate regular applicants from theme applicants. Voting should be limited to Adventure and 02 characters on these.
3. Votes should be in bold, and reasons for your choice are nice - although not required. You may only vote for up to two characters.
4. You must be stamped in the regular theme in order to participate in monthly themes. Don't worry if you miss a theme, restamps for themes occur every so often.
5. Applications are placed in a moderation queue, so don't worry if yours doesn't go through right away.
6. Voting should be done based on personality and the vibes their appearance gives off.
7. All stamped members may be found in the tags!

Ready to apply? Cool! Copy&Paste this into an entry, fill it out, and post:

March 2007: Which digimon partner would you have? [partner theme]
April 2007: Which character from Digimon Tamers would you be? [tamers theme]
May 2007: Which character from Frontier and/or Savers would you be? [frontier theme] [savers theme]
June 2007: Which villain from Digimon are you? [villain theme]
July 2007: Which digimon are you? [digimon theme]
August 2007: Which crest would you have? [crest theme]
September 2007: Which digidestined do you look like? [mirror 01/02]
October 2007: Which tamer do you look like? [mirror tamers]
November 2007: Which Frontier and/or Savers character do you look like? [mirror frontier] [mirror savers]
December 2007: Re-stamp month; all themes open!
January 2008: Which season do you belong in?
February 2008: Matchmaker theme! [matchmaker theme]
March 2008: Which character would be your sibling? [sibling theme]
April 2008: Which family member/adult are you most like? [family theme]
May 2008: Re-stamp month; all themes open!
June 2008: Which group from Digimon would you work with? [group theme]
July 2008: Which character from ANY of the Digimon series are you most like? [overall theme]
August 2008: Which digimon do you look like? [mirror digimon]
September 2008: Which character are you the opposite of? [opposite theme]
October 2008: Which Digimon OP/ED theme would be your theme song? [op/ed theme]
November 2008: Which Digimon item would be most representative of you? [item theme]
December 2008: What digimon-type would you be? [digimon-type theme]
January 2008: Re-stamp month; all themes open!
February 2009: Which Digimon movie would you fit in?
March 2009: Which Digimon character stereotype are you?
April 2009: Lovechild Mirror (All Seasons) Theme
May 2009: Lovechild Personality (All Seasons) Theme
June 2009: International Digidestined/Chosen Children Personality Rating Theme
July 2009: Season/Series Mirror Theme
August 2009: Overall Digimon Manga Series Rating Theme
September 2009+: Permanent Restamps/Making Up of Past Themes!

When looking through the tags, look for the part in brackets to distinguish theme stamps. Themes have special rules, and these will mentioned on the post along with stamping options. Please read other those carefully. Suggestions and questions regarding the themes should be made on the current theme post.

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- dn_ratings
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- keybladerating
- kkm_rating
- kuromirror
- negima_rating
- neverland_inc
- ninjafy
- renkin_rating
- sonic_rating
- stamping_comms
- stamping_no_ou
- thestampinglist
- vgamesmirror
- yuyu_matchmaker

You may make a promotional post about your community and request affiliation there, or simply ask on a post by either breyzyyin or clasped. Only fellow stamping communities and communities with some connection to Digimon will be accepted.
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